Chairman Mao's Vacation

Deacon Blue

They painted us up
and shouted us down
they wanted us to be
just a face in the crowd
and all the time they never saw
the people we are
in a world of fast cars

every time you pass
you try not to laugh at me
you don't want to love me out sympathy
I guess that you admire me
for my humility
in a world of fast cars

We don't hear the jokes
that eveyone else hears
when they walk behind us
on our holidays
we just don't fit into deckchairs
and take walks along the pier

Even the lonely people
deal us out
think I'll walk down town
and sit on a roundabout
and drivers will keep driving
cos' they're too polite to shout
"hey look at that fat boy"
in a world of fast cars
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