Hey Craig

Deacon Blue

Had a band once
Bass and drums
I sang and played piano
Craig played guitar
Always knew the tunes
had the records made tapes
kept dates
Never fell over once

Once when we were in the car
Listening back smiling
we felt surrounded by stars

Hey Craig do you still wear your guitar
hanging down about your knees
do you still throw up your window
to let out the old year

I remember once someone letting off fireworks
you out your window
wondering where the war was
bought a jacket scrolled
with Rock and Roll I never wore
you took it everywhere
moved your sister's stuff in a van
your mum drove us home again

Hey Craig the kids are growing up
you can be young again
Hey Craig let's say "the Shields is gallus"
one more time again
Hey Craig we'll stop the car now
and check the trees again
Hey Craig we'll do what we did badly
and do it bad again
bad again
and I'll come back again
bad again
and I'll come back again

put this on an old tape
Lush were still bleeding through
thought you'd understand that
It should have happened on this tape too

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