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All Over The World

Deacon Blue

All over the world
The wild wild wind
Rips through the mighty words
We kept ourselves warm with
And all over this love
Has never been stronger
All Jericho`s walls
They gently fall

I`ve been waiting for a golden
Bright milleniun
Waking early for the Union bonds being broken
Then gone

All over the world
All over the world
All over theWorld
All over the world

I`ve been searching for a new new
Song of freedom
Where no flag of conquest
Is furled
No war words are spoken

All over the world
All over the world

I,I hear the sound
I,I Hear the sound

All over this land
People are waiting
To enter the world
Like a new born baby
All over the world

Where nothing`s been learned
The flags are changing
So let freedom unfurl
New flags need waving
Let freedom unfurl

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