One Day I'll Go Walking

Deacon Blue

Tiny at first then bigger
And it flowed right down
From the highest hill
And it grew and it joined
The battling burn
And it flowed right through
To where we are now

Beside a cool cool stream
It`s hard to imagine
The great and terrible river you`ll be
Bringing life or rest
Or wonder
Or high high tide
And in times like this
You bring me here

And when the wind is blowing quick time
For the waves to be dancing by
And the moon is watching over
The purple gloaming sky
I`ll go walking
One day
I`ll go walking

Sometimes I come down here
And I don`t know why
It`s like a garden or a room
Or a dream that you
Keep on trying to find
It leaves you feeling that maybe
Maybe there`s a destination you`ve missed
And all along the way you hope the reason that you came was blessing
Some holy kiss


Let me ask you a question

Give me the
Just give me
Just give me five

Did you see the picture
Or did you read the book
I mean
Did you really go there
Or were you only took
I said
Were you believing
Or were you just shook
Well I went inside and I
It was dark and
Then I stood

I stared out long and fast
Till my eyes were hurting
And I saw the hands on the saviour
And all his bloody feet
And his hair and his clothes were all
Mattered and torn
Were they only dirty from the beating of the soldiers or just
Just from walking....
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