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The Lovers

Deacon Blue

The lovers baby
They walk through the earth
And nothing at all now
Is going to change what it`s worth
They`re lovers baby
And everyone knows
That only lovers girl
Follow where love goes

You can feed me darling
You can keep me even
But I don`t pretend that
It all means anything

Unless we`re lovers baby
Don`t come and go
We only sleep through the world
And the world doesn`t know
About lovers baby
We wait a long time
But once it all happens
It all comes right

There`s no evidence darling
There`s no steps in the sand
I couldn`t even place
A ring on your hand

But we were lovers baby
And we waited our time
Till the waters had rolled
And the clocks had chimed
We`re lovers baby
We wait a long time
We`re lovers baby
Love is on time

Love is on time
Love is on time
Love is on time

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