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Surprised By Joy

Deacon Blue

There's a million reads that I'd not taken
till you caught me with my eyes closed
looking over my shoulder to see whats behind me
I didn't see the promised land

I fell back into your arms
(its hard when you don't know)
I was so suprised by the joy
(it was all that I could do)
to trust you with my life

As the road goes on the paths get steaper
a light begins to shine
though I pass by and miss the turning
you'd walk with me over the edge

On the road and bound for glory
but I'm a fool when I forget
I'm on the route where travellers seldom meet
its so easy to slip

And fall back into your arms
(its so easy when you know)
but I'm still suprised by the joy
(though it happens all the time)
(when the wind is blowing cold)
when there's nothing left at all
(its all that I can do)
to trust him with your life

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