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Looking For My Own Lone Ranger

Deacon Blue

I'm looking for my own lone ranger
Don't want to follow yours anymore
Don't want to be the lonely Tonto in the picture
Staring out across horizons like before

You've got to have your own lone ranger
Somebody riding out just for you
Cause the nights grow long and I'm not that strong
And I'm just too...

Miles away it was miles away
I last heard your voice out on the breeze
Now coyotes bark and the sky's so dark
And I need somebody rescuin' me

Somebody like my own lone ranger
To come riding out of nowhere just for me
Someone to take the reins and circle all the wagons
And start the fire for our cowboy jamboree

You've got to have your own lone ranger
Somebody watching out just for you
Till the stars go in and I can breathe again
And I can ride out on my own

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