Rockin' That Thang

Trey Songz

She rockin dat thang like she holding a guitar
Wanna dig up out her guts like I'm rollin a cigar
Body on pilattis how I ball she could volley that
Give it to me and she never ever want her body back

[Verse 1]
Eat up every piece of you I treat you like a party pack
All by myself shit
All cuz I'm selfish
All on ya pelvis is where I wanna grind at
Grind all the time shawty make me push my grind back
Hammer to ya body
I aint talkin cockin nines back
If I could push the time back
I would just rewind that
Dream "Purple Kisses"
Repeat it while I eat it
I meant beat it I meant treat it
While I'm giving you the deepest
What I'm peepin you should see this
Girl I really don't believe it
If it's Victoria's Secret
You should tell her I'ma keep it
Matter fact
You can have it back


[Verse 2]
She get it up
I put it down
I lift her up
I turn her round
Her legs shakin cuz she horny
Plus she been coming
since we first start going
Once I hit it if you ever had a nigga
Who done did it
Before I done hit it
You should quit it cuz he aint gon do it
Like I does it cuz I does
No discussion you gon love it
On some Usher "Love in Club" shit
You gon want it all in public come on


I be in the club like wsup fucked up
Spendin all of my dubs on da strippers
Catch me in da whip bad chick gon sit
On the side tryna pull it out da zipper
She say want a star
Well I'm da big dipper
Meet me by da bar
They call me the big tipper
Babygirl you know who
Aint no trickin when I pole you
I'ma flip you Ima throw you Ima show you
I got that good thang like


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