Monster (TriggaMix)

Trey Songz

... mother fucker you know... wanted them
Niggers so shady cause they know I've been sending them
The irrational methods
I've been trashing you in seconds
Wait until your spirit raises
Then act for your blessing

Nigger you should know
That I'm a mother fucker monster
... pretty women...
Supposed to give me...
... first I'll fuck you
... balls of a better man
... eat your ass alive
Murder the other guys
While your ass it's digesting in
I'm wondering
Should I put it on a...
I ain't talking to no particular one of them
... come again
I'm gonna make more money
Than I can ever spend
If you got a girls
Better lock her in
Cause the one that's with me now
... got some dumb nigger... on her belly
Let's discuss this son
I'm not to be fucked with
I have no fears
So I see no pears
I'm so fucked...
They're not gonna see me here
I'm so fucked grown
But you see no beard
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