You Already Know

Trey Songz

This is the trey songz addition, put yo hand in dem thongs and listen... listen... listen(for da shawtys) you already know

[verse 1:]
Whip em up
Lift em up
Lil mamma dats good
Break it down in the chevorlet hood(ch chea)
Ya eva had it from a nigga so hood
Spread it all open wetter then the ocean
Chea, girl ya back so wide
Put my face in between them thighs(ch chea)
Girl i been thinkin bout this all day long
Spread that thang apart when you ride

Baby i'm a man so get thru with them boys
Giya ten inches throw away da toys
Love it from the side but start at the back girl
Chea, you already know
Girl you ride a dick like i neva seen before
This is like a flick so sick and hardcore
Licky lick lick girl lick me some more
Chea, you already know

[verse 2: rap]
But it's nuttin to a pimp though
When i do what i do
Have ya walkin with a limp slow
I'm a dick pro
Love em skinny you're a thick hoe
Leave them chicks with they lips swole
Give dat dick a kiss show em what ya lips bout
Tell em click dick mouth
That's the shit i'm bout
Chea, put sum counter to the flo' tho
Trynna get sum mo tho
You already kno tho

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