You Are To Me

Trey Songz

Now shorty girl u like bail money
When I'm locked down in the jail honey
Ya set me free and I need that
The other half of me girl u be dat
Girl I need for u to know this
See I'm a keep u warm in the coldest
Whether u can dream a
Baby u my dream love
The other couples dream us

Do u understand just what ya are to me girl
Baby you're the air I breathe
You're my everything
So listen to me
I need ya to survive
No u can't hide
Girl I won't ride
I want u by my side
The most important part of my life
If it's u girl

Now let me tell ya what the deal is
See baby u that girl and u da realist
Girl ain't none of this new to ya
Ya say u got a goal I'm a move with ya
Everythang to lose
And if u leave I'l be a daym shame
Cause girl what's left of me is not a daym thang
And lady I want u to know that
I'm givin u mt heart so baby hold that

It's like the bottom of the ninth inning
And girl I'm tryna hit a home run
I'm in the game with u I'm tryin win it
And I refuse to be alon yea
And I ain't never gon let u go cause
Your the most important part of my life
Girl ya kno... Do ya understand
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