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Big Expectations

Jesus Joshua 24:15

I've got some real big expectations
I wanna be the best a little better than the rest
Now I'm rollin I don't need complications
I'm lookin for success aint got time for nothin less
This I know

I must be trippin these things slippin out my mouth
Lord I know they're not your word
Words of doubt and unbelief have I somehow been deceived
Falling victim to the lies I know we all have heard

I step back clear my head I can't do much when I'm seein red
You know I've got to have a clear view
Holdin on to what I know when it's tough you don't let go
Lord I put my trust in you alone

Time after time I keep runnin into walls it's like I'm down on my luck again
My ambition's gone astray it's like my dreams slip away
And my failures become my end

I have tasted and have seen oh the Lord is good
I count my many blessings I think everybody should
In this world you will have sorrows aint no way to get around
My Lord overcame this world and it will never keep me down
This I know

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