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I Will Give Him Praise

Jesus Joshua 24:15

Everybody in the house if you love the Lord
Lift your hands to heaven and give a shout of praise
Everybody in the house if you're of the kingdom
Lift your voice to God and give to him a sacrifice
Everybody in the house in the house everybody
Are you ready for a party tonight
We're lifting the banner of Christ before the nations
In a celebration of life, the life He gave us he died to save us
Now my soul is set free ain't no lying devil taking me to hell
'Cause I'm blood bought and I'm not for sale
Without fail time and time He's on my case in my face
With offers of compromise a strong force which seeming never dies
He's the father of all lies
But I don't buy it... I've been there... I've tried it
I've played the game had the fame and now I'm changed
And for the rest of my days in everything I'm giving the Lord Jesus praise
Everyday I thank the Lord for my life
He rescued me from darkness and I'm free
Everyday I find mercy from above and I lift my voice to testify
Great is the love for that life to me He gave
I will give him praise
It's messing with my mind I see it all the time
People talk one way then they walk another way
You better choose this day whom you're gonna serve
And make sure your actions line up with your words
If you say you're His and He is yours then close the doors
You can't tolerate sin
And don't freak looking at the place you're in
You got Jesus you got peace within
In the blink a flash the twinkle of an eye
The Lord of all soon He will crack the sky like a thief
To take those faithful and true in the rapture
And where will that leave you
Now every man's guilty of a life of sin - Jesus pad the price
For our entrance in so think about making him Lord today
While me and the boys
Take a moment to give God praise
We will praise You!

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