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Jesus Joshua 24:15

I saw a mighty angel
Clothed with a cloud
He had a rainbow round his head
And he shined as the sun
With a book in his hand
And his feet like fire
He had one foot on the sea
And the other over land

I heard a voice like thunder - fill the air
With his hand raised to heaven I heard him swear
By the one who lives forever like a lions roar
The time has come for time no more

I see the one they call the son he's knockin at your door now
You're layin low like no one's home - you better answer
I know the one they call the son is commin back for sure now
I'm gonna go I wanna know where will you be

I don't know how you make it
From day to day can't take it
My faith keeps me won't shake it
My God lives we don't fake it

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