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Jesus Joshua 24:15

Freedom - what would you do for it
Would you lay down your life
You think that you could ever die for freedom
Sweet and true you can't forget the ones who've died for you
Long ago in a land across the seas
A war among the nations for the innocent were seized
Many men had fallen within the winds of war
So many lives were sacrificed to keep the open door
Millions live as prisoners day after day
Never understanding the nature of the chains
Which keep them ever bound up in fear and disbelief
Always searching, never finding the everlasting peace
Jesus was the sacrifice to set the captives free
The power of deliverance to all who will believe
He will break the chains that bind you
To all the world proclain, victory to the soldier
Who battles in his name
You've gotta hold on and you've gotta believe
If you wanna receive - Jesus

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