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My Dog Can Preach

Jesus Joshua 24:15

I'm at home sittin by myself it's just me and the
Dog there ain't no one else around
I hear a noise and I look to see the dog's up on
The table - I smack him just to get him down
My God I still can't believe the dog said to me
I think you better step away
I have a most serious gift so just button your lip
I've got something I gotta say

So just button your lip - Ive got something to say to you

I agree this is not the norm I will not conform
I'm here on a mission
I've been sent that you might repent and be changed
From your present condition
You may choose or you might refuse to retain
This bit of information
Either or you cannot ignore this exchange
Now get this revelation

God so loved the world he gave his son
And those who believe shall not pass away
But have life everlasting with him

All have sinned and all come short
The wage of sin is death if we confess our sin to God
He is faithful to forgive

Jesus is the way he is the truth he is the life
He is the bridge to the father
There is no other way
If you do believe within your heart
And do confess this with your mouth
Jesus is Lord and savior you are saved

And if you saved
Nothing can snatch you away
No demon - there's not a devil in hell that can ever snatch you away

That dog of mine is so divine he can preach the gospel truth
That little hound he can bring it down I mean hell fire and brimstone
I began to shout as he laid it out, the son of God was slain for all man
Kind rose again on the third day
Now heaven belongs to those who believe

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