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You're Wrong

Jesus Joshua 24:15

Got this feelin that it won't be long God's comin back and
He's comin strong
He's gonna take what's right and cast away what's wrong
Better wake up better realize who's speakin truth who's tellin lies
Comes down to who confesses who denies
You better know what you believe

I see what's goin on you push your issues all day long
Twist about the laws of liberty
Confident your ways are right openly despise the light
Solid in your slight insanity
You claim to know what's best you say everybody step now to the left
I believe i'll go with God

I know what you're about I give God praise you're goin out
Little known for your integrity
The pages of our history echo your obscenities the image of what most have come to be

I think it's time you knew we don't need many just takes a few
Who will stand and say it loud

You're wrong... God is right
Just in case there's any doubt
This is what your life's about

There are ways that seem right to man, but the end is only destruction
Foolish things confound the wise - open your eyes

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