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One of the Few

Jesus Joshua 24:15

I looked and beheld, a door standing open in heaven
And the first voice that I heard like a trumpet speaking with me said, come
Up here and I will show what must take place, and immediately I was in the spirit

My God I looked up to see my lord Jesus lookin back at me
Wondered how this could ever be cause I don't know
Showed me things from a different time shook me up now I'm back in mine
Doin what I've gotta do to make it back
I gotta get back

Here comes the devil and he's dressed to kill
I say I won't he thinks I will
Tries my faith in so many ways
Hold on tight these are the days

When it's dark the light is easy to see
Better check yourself who you tryin to be

I've seen things from another view gave my praise with the chosen few
Now I've seen where I'm gonna be I wrote these things for the world to see

And it just gets darker a little more every day
Oh my God help me find my way to you

Take me... Take my life and shake me
Shake me up and make me what you need
I've just gotta be one of the few

Counted on that day everyone great and small
Called to give an account to answer for it all
I've gotta be counted with the few
Those who reign forevermore
With Jesus Christ our king
Forever we will sing

Worthy is the lamb the lamb that was slain
Glory and honor, power and praise unto you

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