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I Believe

Jesus Joshua 24:15

I believe in the father the son and the holy ghost
They're the three that I love the most
The father gives life the son salvation
Holy ghost power keeps pushin me right on through

I'm a devil stompin bible thumpin sanctified son of God
I'm not ashamed that's who I am
I've been cussed at kicked out talked about all over town
I'm battle ready rollin steady kickin at the gates of hell
I'm not afraid I know who I am
Got my eyes on the prize and I'm not goin down

Jesus is comin the fat lady's hummin a song it's windin up
Time to move ahead
There's no time for slidin you best be decidin where you belong
As for me and my house we serve the Lord the days are so dark we can't
Afford to give any less than our best
For the kingdom

I believe in the father the son and the holy ghost they're the three that I
Love the most
The father gives life, the son salvation, holy ghost power keeps pushin me on through
I'm not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for I know it is power to them that
Believe open up your heart and receive the good news

They crucified our Lord and what they thought would end had only just begun
He cried forgive them their sin for they know not what they've done
The words he cried were not in vain the blood he shed it still remains and
Cries out loud before the father - forgive them

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