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My Accuser

Jesus Joshua 24:15

I've done the best that I can do
Still my best won't get me through
I've been singled out - he's staring down his finger at me again

Doubt within my mind - by my accuser
To shut me up - and break me down
The blood of Christ - is over me
To overcome - my accuser

My righteousness - as filthy rags
How can my good - be counted bad
I know it's not by works - still I need to hear it again again again

He stands - at the throne of God
With railing accusations - of them that love the Lord
Day and night - war at the throne of God

Cast out - down into the earth
Accuser of the brethren - and all of his rebellion rage
For they know - that the end is near

We stand - doing all to stand
We overcome his fury - by the blood of the lamb
And our words as we testify

Hold fast - hold to your profession
Keep it in your possession - the word of the Lord
Hide it away deep within your heart

I stand with head held high
And look you in the eye
Accuse me as you wish
The blood covers me

Temptations still remain
I fight and I refrain
Relentless I won't quit
The blood covers me

I've lived my whole life through
Don't know what I would do
If I didn't know the living God
Who's blood covers me
His blood covers me
The blood covers me

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