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Rapture Drill

Jesus Joshua 24:15

I heard about a place they call the upper room
And all who gather in believe that God is comming soon
So they come together often in one mind and one accord
To practice for the coming of the Lord
I believe it's true I know He's coming back for me
And when I heard about this place I had to go and see
You know I long to be with Jesus everyday I need him more
So I ran right down and I walked right through the door
I saw people everywhere jumping up and down
Shouting glory to the Lord
Much anticipation for what is yet to come
Sending out an invitation to the world
Rapture Drill
I don't belong, and when I'm gone, I'm moving on to better things
This old world can't keep me down - I'm going to meet my King
At the sweet sound of the trumpet I'll be there
Gone to meet my savior in the air
I'm living free... I'm living clean... I'm a lean mean prayer machine
Why does your head hang low with a teardrop in your eye
Lift your head look up for your redemption draweth nigh
Oh the rock of our salvation is alive and He is true
He said I go to make a place and I will come for you
But the time of My return is not for you to know
Do the work I gave you until it's time to go
Behold I will come quickly your reward is in My hand
And I will give accordingly to the work of every man
Behold I will come quickly
Are you ready for the coming of the Lord

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