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My Ways

Jesus Joshua 24:15

If only I could take away the blinders from your eyes
How I long for you see past his subtle disguise

You don't know where you're gonna be
You can't see the light
You don't know the truth
I've tried to help you see but you slew the postman and crucified the proof
It was right before your eyes you didn't realize
Such is the price I've paid for you

Suddenly the time has come for my judgment to fall
I want that none should die I gave to save them all

My word stands through time
You can't compromise
You don't cross the line
I've tried countless times to save their lives and still you wonder why

My ways are not your ways
Lean not towards your understanding
Place it within my hands
My ways are not your ways
Could you give your life for a people so bent on their destruction

My ways are ways of mercy
My ways are ways of grace
I've brought you out of darkness
And set you in this place
My ways are ways of wisdom
My ways confuse the wise
I've freed you from his burning hell released you from his lies - know my ways

Go your way
Tell your brother
Of my ways
And no other

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