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Rise Up

Jesus Joshua 24:15

It all went down just as planned
The kingdom of darkness had brought down the man
The savior of the world, betrayed by the kiss of a friend
They beat him down, they nailed him up
The doctors and teachers had all heard enough
The man had done no wrong and nothing deserving of death

They sealed him in the tomb that day
And thought that all was done
It rocked the very gates of hell when the father called his son

He rose up in the early light and stepped out from the grave
The scars of death upon him now everything has changed
The one hold that the devil had and every man would face
Was pulled down in front of him through Christ we now are saved

Was once lost -now we are found in Christ and now we are saved
Was once blind-and now we see in Christ and now we are saved
Was once dead- now we're alive in Christ and now we are saved
Forgiven and now accepted by God forever we're saved

The evil day is upon us the hearts of man will fail
The word of God is within you - the righteous will prevail

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