The Castle Builders

La Dispute

Now speak of anger
Forget all the fears you've kept about love and sex and death and faith
Erased or swinging sweet from around her neck and between her breasts
Let every lonely body finally break its fear of flesh and say
How strange it must have been back when we shook at the sight of sweat
Let our worries wander out like water streaming from a spring
And sing of all the things our heads have failed to ruin
There's so much they have failed to ruin yet

Bright as lightning
Loud as thunder
We'll move all the hurt aside to let love sustain our passions
And move up and onward
We are not our losses
We are only the extent to which we love
So build a home for your family
And build a castle for your friends
Now set their beds with sheets and blankets
And keep them safe until the end
I've felt the damage and burn from the fallout
My love failed but theirs prevailed
My friends, I'm only flesh and bone
But I won't let you die alone
So leave our hearts at the foot of the mountain
Let our burdens be locked in the stone
If you will help me roll it upward
I won't let you die alone
I see a beauty springing up from the earth and out our hearts
For all the bad that seems to plague us
I swear to you there's good
Oh no, I won't let you die alone
My love, I will not let you die alone

They say that death is not a problem, it's a promise
I can only say for sure that when it makes your bed
I'll kiss your head goodnight
So speak of all the love we lost and what it cost us
Left us, beg our breath to stop
And we moved on and we were strong
We stayed bright as lightning
We sang loud as thunder
We moved ever forward
We are not our failures
We are love
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