Whut U Are To Me

Trey Songz

[Verse 1:]
Now Shorty Gurl U Like Bail Money
When Im Locked Down In The Jail Honey
Ya Set Me Free And I Need That
The Other Half Of Me Gurl U Be Dat
Gurl I Need For U To Know This
See Imma Keep U Warm In The Coldest
Whether U Can Dream A
Baby U My Dream Love
The Other Couples Dream Us

Do U Understand Jus Whut Ya Are To Me Gurl
Baby You're The Air I Breathe
You're My Everything
So Listen To Me
I Need Ya To Survive
No U Cant Hide
Gurl I Wont Ride
I Want U By My Side
The Most Important Part Of My Life
If It's U Gurl

[Verse 2:]
Now Let Me Tell Ya Whut The Deal Is
See Baby U That Gurl And U Da Realist
Gurl Aint None Of This New To Ya
Ya Say U Got A Goal Imma Move Wit Ya
Everythang To Lose
And If U Leave I'l Be A Daym Shame Cuz Gurl Whut's Left Of Me Is Not A Daym Thang
And Lady I Want U To Know That
Im Givin U Mt Heart So Baby Hold That

[Chorus: W/ Ad Libs]

Its Like The Bottom Of The Ninth Inning
And Gurl Im Tryna Hit A Home Run
I'm In The Game Wit U Im Tryin Win It
And I Refuse To Be Alon Yea
And I Aint Never Gon Let U Go Cuz
Ur The Most Important Part Of My Life
Gurl Ya Kno....Do Ya Understand

[Chorus: W/ Ad Libs Until Fade]
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