Except This, Get This


(?): oh yeah turbid the road likes to introduceb spurtin rhymes. I knew it kind a be likethis but turned out to be like this lives da oceon so try not to miss my kiss flavoured like a jelly good one yo a potion son a puppetmastaz like a vanilla-cherry flavoured lotion a runner poring over you like syrup huh ha.yeah. Turbid the road flexs this common figure stir up stir up, all across the nation hhuh yeah huh thisis the expect this get this sensation in huha snuggles: I expected to find something huge wide and grand On the face of the shore of the crushed bone sand Between the boats and boyees lie my forsharkers land The myst and raw cliffs of the swallowing ocean Chased by the current waves jaws of erosion Lies a tiny black pearl marked caution careful fragil massive Evil good bad so I put it in the
back of my mind Walked home to me remind of the euerflex in the muscle of bone Breath and the tickling flesh that surrounds the deep thought And makes from swell in all forms and of my ancestors hammers Are the
seafloor and corral mane that seem to reach and roll Across until the borrow waves Chorus: you expect this, but you get this, be careful what you wish for, what you wish for Croucho or blase: I found a bundleof keyes in a rich man's house
Went in the cella, goin wow liftin my eyebrowns And what I found was a few hundred lockers This guy must be a big money talker-stocker. I opened up and all I found was an edition of mickey mouse griming The eyes spinning, mickey mouse griming I expected this and found t
at, I guess I'm confusing the issues, I cry so Donald hands me Tissues , detective micky hard and tricky. Detective micky hard and tricky. Frogga: Oh I turned up the stereo I expected a fary yo to crawl up from behimd da speaker wow how just a lightbulb you are just a bleeber Though help me in my desatrous life cause I'm a seeber of da original never seen before you's small but I'm also justhalfsize so realize a raw dime shine's bright but I feel a li
ttle rusty so shine on me with dat red light. Huar. Chorus: you expect this, but you get this , be careful what you wish for, what you wish for. I expected to find, I expected to find, I expected to find Maloke: What did you expect to find puppetmastaz next in line to check your mind great expectations in your imaginatio
n. you're running out of patience three wishes now you sleep with da fishes get in all over ambishes What did you hope to see hokus pokus you know it's hopeless g.
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