We Baaaaaaack


Ducci Intro

Turbid: We back, new label, new home Fresh catering back on throne Back on attack exposing wounds causin' trouble Puppet mystic's is makin' it double Flexin' across da mean streets o' Berlin Makin' yo girl spin to dis beat to dis seed We be deliverin' makin' yo bootyass shiverin' Shavin' it clean yeah savin' ya queen

Wizard: New money new label new tables turned Old label burned that's cause we fucked with Virgin Now the puppetmastaz re-emerge in the new year Cause Louisville grew ears Do cheer when you hear this new crew here It's the 2-0-0-5 The year those superheroes come alive Leaving Labels disabled but somehow thrive

Chorus: We back Puppetmastaz got that Ill flow, disastrous hot fat beat Cause that's what you need yeah dis is da seed

Ducci: We up inna squidda, Raisin roof high like red sock la cheddar, Pumpin petsound so yall midderwidder, Movin the pit so get off the shitter, It´s time to mark it!

Wizard: We back--you got that? Ill flow disastrous on fat beats Back on the feets flippin' gymnastic feats Animal trapeze but you can't trap these We back
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