Pretending Early Morning


Chorus: We got the skills here to keep ya horny If you help pretendin' it's da early morning So sodapop we came to rob, believe ya To make ya dance and sweat like you got da fever

Pit: I feel dizzy, I feel low Imagine it's morning Playin' with ma toe I get up to see what's up in da bathroom Tryin' to take a pee Prick's hard like a broom Huh, make some room Yeah, you betta make some room Sun's up, me crew is up Waky waky let's kick da block

Chorus2: All these figures who need to wake up and All those figures who need dem sugar in da cup and Too much sugar for dis early disco music Make you wanna hit with ya rubber-booty choose it


Ducci: Wait (what?) - Rewind (ok!) Nough a dem a easy time gal we´s in da place, You know da wicked one win a price, Half a dem wanna gal dem shine, A wicked dem body´s a wicked wild, Rude gal dem a feel dem strike, Nough a dem easy done offer a dem wine, Rude gal dem a read without da gal then nough a dem pleed -hey? Nough a dem shine and nough a dem wicked, Enough a theledallalal dem a check it, You know that I´ll be one tata break it, Enough a dem gonna please me to make it You know that I´ll be come around tricky, U nough a dem but they all to want cricket, Rude gal nough a dem a shiny time, So easy pleasy dynamite!

Chorus (2 x)

Chorus 2 (2 x)

Mr. Maloke: Huh, beyond da messures of mankind We like to suck you in dis quicksand time To jump da beat original flavour, hah Early morning wake up call 1982 now you're yawnin' Huh, next thing you know ya sneakerboots Sneak in da kitchen You put in da toast, turn on da radio Ya balls is itchin' You open da fridge It looks like a disco show You take da tomatoes out like you did with Your girls from Frisco, blow, oh yo Chorus
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