JR Blenda


Chorus JR Blenda was kickin' dem tunes Emerald Was shakin' dem leaves, directin' dem fleas Was makin' dem trees really grow So JR Blenda directin' dem lights and the flow You want some o' that chrystals ahead You want some mo' so let us know If you want some mo'
E-wiz: Da Emerald Forest awakes in a second Pitch Puck can you hear dis sound reckon Funk in the air, chunky our bliss Da Emerald Forest awakens don't miss
Ducci &Pit: Yo! I´m comin along with mo friction, Comin along with the emerald, fiction, When we low when we fly, Feelin like flippin the beat til the end of the night, Yo did I say night - Pit, hold up, hold up - you feelin´ alright? Have you seen Lisa just kickin the grain, No but I´ve seen the emerald wild, Crushin the sunbeam in deep innerside, Makin ya movin ya feet like a child, Snout yeah what is this sit, Yeah I guess it´s the emerald hit!
E-wiz: Inside da Emerald Forrest Some call me animal, some call me Mista
Turbid: And I say I'm a toad, not a frog I ain't no man and I ain't no dog With the full load Turbid the Toad is comin' Is gonna get ya eardrums drummin'
E-wiz: Emerald Emeribidiribidirow Emerald I came along to melt yo eyes I came to melt it slow I came to melt yo eyes babe Bbbaby listen to this flow Came to melt yo eyes, baby bebedebebedebebedebow People don´t understand I´m amphibian not a man People just don´t understands the magic of the emerald plants Chorus
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