Ducci: We comin down with tha Mastaplan, Girls come humpin like they go kazaam- BLAM, If you wanna stop this jam, It´s all about planin masta´s slam, Bust it out out when I make sound, That ladies go for them petsound, Move your feet feet to the second round, Puppetmastaz is blowin horns!
Flix: Dunk' got some o' dat funk to deliver, move Make ya booty-ass come down in shiver on grooves, On beats like never seen before, oboe You's slidin' open ya braindoor so raw,wow
Chorus: We's in da mastaz chamba We got's da mastaplan, we want you to rememba We got's to stick to dis jam We seem a bit lazy but Got dem skills to drop
Turbid: Fat cap, thin cap, Wildstyle bubblefish Now dis media's swallowin' our sweet Hiphop dish Derm right, our soup got's da good smell yo Better wait until it's ready Otherwise go to hell yeaux
Wizard: we just stick to the click track and take a kickback melt a human faster than a tic tac toe with the midi mighty moe catchin a figga by the toe and if that figga got five of those it's the pride that goes first and last the curse is cast the Wizard knows the truth is: what you deny the most
SoomT And now a ghost, Soom T with her boast, let you know that she's all that, johnnie gogo, But I'm not for show, wordsmiths on death row, pm getting down but we don't lie low. I'm the critter with the blow, fraggle in the know, on a string, I ain't heavy but I ain't your bro,' So you can heave ho, watch your tee vo, never leave o', but never deny that we rocked the show.
Soom T The skills to hip hop, puppetmastaz drop, kick below the belt, and you'll never get a spot, on the fraggle rock that make you want to stop your heart from beating like you know what's what, so no buts buts, cigarette butts, you should trust trust, in the spliff, coz you've had enough nuff of this dog when she's feeling ruff ruff. When she's feeling ruff ruff. Children come on now, listen to us see us puppets stand proud, Made of cards and cloth but alive and kicking about, Hear the Puppetmastaz shout
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