Golden Center


People always ask me what"s it like yo To be a psycho on the microphone People always ask me "Why do you look like you jumped right out from a comic book" Ah-ah it ain"t no cartoon Puppet platoon we go Kaboom Sehr sehr tunes like harpoons in a saloon plastic cowboys on a sand dune Chorus hangeee hangeee hengeeeeee turbid: you know dem spells is comi' out no doubt for dem lullapit is trickin me snout out, fady, but nevertheless I bring bless for da ane that foresees the soulsurf da best, da elevation of me sneakerboots cookin, wobbelin out me spells I keep lookin for something more ya something weirda manifest da spiceflow something here to… Snuggles: Not even half a man Full rabbit with a curve face The beginning was a middle Was my birth place Pop up the rubber Centerfold rubbersole Strike midfield kick the shin in the goals Just to spin balls like the wizard in pinballs And it´s time to spit crumbs at cakeholes Golden center belly belly bongo Puppetmastaz deep from the jungle Chorus hange hange hange Maloke People always ask me what's it like yo To be a psycho on the micro-phone Creature funk be grinding Sunglasses at night Blinding like Lightning Just desserts with a wedge of fruit Give myslef a tropical boost Bulging at the pockets with juice the ultimate seduction Knock Boots Chorus hange hange hange m mango mango chutney…
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