snuggles: oh yeah, all you people out there tonight all the lonely hearts I want you to know something, I could do you I could do yo sis', yo mama and your guinea pigs I could do all 'o you but Today before we get down to anythin I wanna tell you a little somethin' I been
waitin for me and you to talk it over Pet me get lucky like a glover - ah - yeah snuggles the bunny, listen to da pit steppin in.. Pit: Yes, I'm da pit, came to open up yo lit, lady came to sex you up, came to sit on top'o you baby, 'n if you don't mind I give you love a
nd protection, 'n if you don't mind I treatyo as fine switchwatchin, dem beats patcherpucker you know we got's da treats to heal yo soul wow, bowls bowl's life's like a volcano's opening up, I stick some in, make dat sweet juice stop.. And at last, I came to ru
b yo ass fast now and those tittis make me flop and bounce wow you know I came to say goodbye,
came to announce to rock some ' this sweet slimebody bounce wanna do you 'n yo sister too, 'n what about you little nephew and your mama sue, oh shit, I forgot about that, no matter, tell'em I said goodbye, this is da pit, yo and dat ain't no lie
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