Planet Booty


Yo, Snuggles the Bunny: Hills go up, valley go down Cant believe my eyes look at the size a huge crack in the mountain side wipidi wild water rafting ride the pull ist stong and my heart just pumps bunny on the path explorer pimp to find the secret of the mountain limbs give me that feeling of goose pimperlies bramberry rock nippa nippa nipplerlees pearls of sweat run down, down the cheecks i meant a little steam meets with the creek salty crystal with da sugar-hill whistle honey-bee make my mind sizzle, lookin for da cake hole drizle drizle I feel one with the whole of the cookoo monka mountain fold (x2)
Frogga: Lick dem freaks right off da stone, on da path we set up, gonna bring you home, where you fit, where you belong da cocoomanka stick back on da thrown, Where da rivers is thick, sick slicky tunes from down below Wildly da earth is rising high and low, I've to hold up, where's this pumpin volcano, but let's keep da party pumpin pano-rama wide screen wicked landscapes like never seen before, da doorkeepers sympathetic I think she's gonna let me in tele-phatic moods for me too oh snout I toast it blue for you another time yeah Sounds of sounds-slime-oblivion yeah hm, we's givin 'em…
Chorus: The cookoomonka mountain fold Callin Planet booty Secret curves are being told Callin Planet booty Valleys filled with juice of life We request a landing Creatures smirk and ways go wind We came to explore
Bloke: I be da bloke, travelin da forest stickin my nose in da birds nest Torchlike I stick on my candle I chew , the ass full of paddles Bumbleblees flyin all around brother monkey help me now Knock knock this must be barby land. Pewda, make up, no it's sand. This feels like skin that I'm trading on An an it's Just the mountain run It's just the mountain run Which mothapucka for now we's definatly strowlin The sound of the earth is wobbelin and howlin The earth, the land on da planet booty is fat yo Idea 's take another step yo to ualaooo chorus
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