Feel Bad?


Feel Bad?
Flix: Yeaux, it's da Flix comin' to yo ass, huh
Chorus: Feel bad, maybe you own too much You should give some away 'n say Such walls around it might Crackle up in motion You, you, you know Puppetmastaz got's da lotion
Flix: Got's to cause pain, heat up on da Rubber-rubbin' puck up show a beat Buggin' ain't no druggin-muggin' Styles left and right of me pop culture Told ya to mug dis sit to mug dis squid Hold ya breath watch it, is you walkin' a Feedback, feelin' dat squids around ya neck Read back, hold ya breath I'm walkin' Breath, I´m talkin' watch a technic conscious Tomahawkin', tomahawk back flip Knock-out twice, bro, no it ain't for me, It´s a figure next, a big size, no doubt Feelin'em swellin' it turnin' out to be a Puppetmastaz Comin' out real load S ah sss goes caboom S ah sss goes caboom S ah sss goes caboom I piss up on ya shoe so betta make some room
Snuggles: Dr. strangelove and mr. feelbad, is peter selling you a reason to feel sad? Or is it something that we cannot control? A teardrop magnified under a microscope! I´m on raft floating down the river mind, i can´t use soap to scrub this river dry. It must be something that we cannot control: an episode from the land of lost souls!
Wizard: floatin on an ocean Mister Maloke and the Wizard fixing the mix just to fit the joke in row row your boat in summarily merrily I mean in summery life's but a dream of punnery feel bad? no no no no I don't croakin' funny on a lillypad money tree bog forgive me I got them frog forces in me seems like there ain't nothin changed in Berlin city though
Ducci and Pit: We contemplate and see all dem human tears, Why u always walk away Better stay inna yo block so u oversee the rock, We just contemplate and see all dem human fears, Why you always walk away, Better stay inna yo block so you oversee the rock
Mr. Maloke: You give one to another one You spiritualize, come raw and undone You give one to a third figure, then You got a network that works trigger The phenomenon, humptidum yes We got crew yes we got some that Didn't cost any First one connection, then there's many
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