Pét Sounds


Turbid: Yes it´s Turbid and I like to reclaim freely, like tracks of da pigeons in the air you don´t see me I´m a host of magical illusions I be callin´vast amount of tibbits and intrusions
Croucho: I love this place It smells so good It puts me in A sunset mood The skies pour down Like ice cream Listen to the juice Of my light beam
Snuggles: This the sun settin snuggles Stepppin up Fill your hearts like a teddy bear Fizzy is my flow, fuzzy is my wear Comin in layers of sugar and frost Sprad that fluffy island dust Petticoat lady, pet the little bunny Runny with the honey and I don´t need money Fresh lemonade and sugar cane Melting on the palm of my hand Take you to the empty pleasure land
Chorus: Boowaboowaboowaboo Pet sound honey baby Rubber soul runny Glowstick gravy Boowaboowaboowaboo Good luck fot the ride Good luck for the ride Good luck for the ride That beats your dusty ride , thats right chorus
Croucho: Boil it down Caramelize Make it soft for the ladies eyes Get down on the croucho playground In the chicklet castle i´m a goon in a gown
Wizard: sun and moon go hand in hand Cryin tears of a puppet band If there´s a fire, there´s a fireman Fun´s to be heard across the land I do magical tricks Got a truckload full Lying on the beach I get grabbed by the pull Of the mystery waters This one goes out to all sons and daughters
Turbid: I be wobbelin gobbelin, see dis is da stardust-robbery Pleasure island, where you come from dis is destillery of our minds our mission We be fishin´for da loontoons rubbersoul spreadin´ superstissiones Pit: The Beach and the Shore, cut copy and paste Pitch mothafucka you know we got taste Shhhhh - that´s how we do it Shhhhh - ´s how we grow doobidoo
Chorus: Pet sound honey baby Rubber soul runny Glowstick gravy chorus
Bunny: After dark we get the glowsticks out Phosphorise and dont worry about Nothin never and no mans Sellin my muffins and charm in grams
Hammerhead: Hold it, hold it [while bunnys part] This is too sweet for me I like salt water on a blood red reef I eat off the shores of the pleasure island Hammerhead , meatpies for milesin my land Turbid We is a fluid unit, ´n we is not going soon it´s mars to settle down, for da stars da worlds a clown, down us is goin´as a firethrower showin heat, yeah ourselves is the one in the end we´s gonna meet, yeah I wish you a good luck´ah to store your nuts, to store your fruits Whatever your boy whatever your mood´s like, we gonna keep on hikin through your chemicals, whatever you say, your mind´s cotrolled by my chemicals, of fills and skills over the hills and shores we be spreadin´ our dumbass thrills Chorus
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