Intro: Look into the story Running through the Monsters snoring Breating under Breathing in
Chorus: Many Stories have been told Many Creatures have been sold We bring hot Flashes to the Cold And blast a Loonieverse of Soul … … I whip yo puckin ass [chorus] … I'll make a puppet last … a story got's to be told yeah … Oh sit, now steve divin, da base ridin' humans fightin', but I keep ghidin' dem figures comin' strong all along dis big lane yeah with dis song… yeah… humans be wankin' with steel boastin', bustin their own asses while I be toastin' sketches without hetches to be opened up by me storytelling batches…
Snuggles: I was walking through the forest When suddenly I heard somebody kept telling me:
Hammer: Milk of the Hollow Tree Drum of the monkey Swinging vines, picking backs for flees And drops of Honey Humming Birds take a sip of the Rum As they hum of drunken paraketes On the floor of treasure melodies The emerald forest falls awake Saphirs blink in a vibrant quake Feathers brush up on the edge of a sun ray As the sun plays shadows the panther paddles Hammerhead through the thicket of rattle … trust me, we's gonna bust the, abstract forms comin original, to superirrational norms, tickle my fin comin along, swim through da storm, you baba headz yo, while I yawn at you, ha getting reborn pitchpucker, close your eyes if you wane get through dis ghosthouse, do you really wanna play cats 'n mouse with us, better be ready to rock steady [chorus] trust me, we's bust abstract forms come original … baba shout! …you's a story for dis I becameheadz everybody baba headz now… uaah!! rhyme deflatin', puckin ass sound, no debatin' ain't no wankin around story is linear, screwin it, tumbling round yeah is doin it, pitch pucker, better be doin it back in yo locker, before I get home to da base ah, yeah ha puppetmastaz came to amaze ya. ha. Suggles: Full fathom five the creatures lie And of they bones are corral made Those are pearl that were their eyes none of them do fade (2x) [chorus]
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