MS. Bumblebee


Chorus: Oh sweet Ms. Bumblebee Why you lying on the street When you could beat your wings To m bizzy beat Buzzin by honey pie Your fuzzy fur is in my eye
MALOKE oh sweet missus bumblebee my name is malock will you talk with me it gets lonely in the b.o.g. all full of frogs and no variety yer silky black stripes they vex me, sting my snout watch it swell with ecstasy drink my nectar, make your whistle wet [i think i fell in love with the 2nd letter of the alphabet] 2x
PIT Oh sweet ms. Bumblebee you might have fallen into a puddle from a tree. You be shakin it (down) all around wanna get you right ah for (dissound).Don't you move dat ass get yourself hot again want to see you bouncing in de big lane fame puck ya. want ya spinnin all alive adrenalin superdrive a this dive (?)
Snuggles: It was the late summer season Semi warm and blue breezin The whole city buzzing with butterflies And bees so i go stretch my ears and walk down the street And there she lies a tiny bumble bee With the firey eyes of fire flies and passionees I bend down to give her a drop of my ration Thanks honey, she says, sweetie are you a bunny? I go yes snuggles the name - i fly by airborne I get all the ladies high But then i see the poor misses got a broken Wing and a broken knee So i go this can´t be true, the crippled thing Needs some of my creature juice Come and get it...this is for you
MALOKE this is for me sweet missus bumblebee, they call me mister so peep the mystery we can take a trip into the hive take a drive down the honeycomb coast, we"ve arrived scratch and sniff, catch a whiff, so passionate is how i imagine it so to be or not to be, none of yer beeswax, don't kill my buzz
???: . Oh snuggles you gave dat bee a helping hand and oh dear dat really was a stand for da frogs to learn from and listenswallin music like honey don't missem bemblebeedance square architectur flavour of insectuis lecture yes a tecture hardto understand a crist with stripes hypnotic up your ass oh sweet cripes
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