This is the gutter stutter The tek-talkin' The spit walkin' And how we keep rockin' Chorus: Spitwalk when I talk I get down to da B.O.G. radio Bloah To all me figures in B.O.G. Radio 'n TV Equivalent to me crew gettin down on spot Flok of birds, yeah it's hot, wow To all me figures in da B.O.G. Radio 'n TV listen 'n see
Mr. Maloke: Big cities in dis poison, odor all around ya Wizardry in dis brick hell now we found ya But don't you think we just came to do pleasure Non-stop booty whippin' sound is da measure Humans step up and ask us what's betta "A human shizo-mind or a puppet trendsetta?" We say "We ain't trendsettin' no we just bustin' simplifying dem Emerand Fore
st is disgusting!" We be pumpin' like a dragon Get da feelin' of da rush, no deal, no beggin' We're reaalin' for real feelin' dat With what we comin' down mad rat For da ceilin' dat puttin a mark on We get
a hard on stickin' out da sw
amp We be trickin carbon, jump da street, Fingerlickin' dumpsta Mr Malock-alligator is dem stupidass rumsta Chorus Wizard: Listen and see me spittin' and chewin' gum at the same time how come a figga never come up with the same rhymes read between insane lines hear the game cryin' out for more clout we just here while the paint's dryin' on our new house cause we ain't tryin' we doin' the slaughter started from ruins now we part of a movement got daughters of humans B.O.G. we makin' home improvements Ducci: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Snuggles: Spit far! In this spitting contest - too far! You think i spit on con
text? Loose you, though i ain´t spitting complex, you slip on what i spat cos my lips are convex! Nonsense, they say im spittin´bull, in one sense ain´t i chief spittin` bull? i shoot a spit-wad at bull-eyed principles: i shot and hit one bulls eye in principle, yeah! Chorus
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