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He Is My Messiah

Greg X Volz

For every day I live I will give thanks
And for the blessing of the lord
To love and serve the living God
Is what I'm created for
Making melody in my heart, to the kings of kings
He's given me a brand new start
He is my everything

He is my messiah, he is lord of lords
He has paid a ransom that I could not afford
He is my messiah, he is lord of lords
He is all I long for and it's him that I adore

It's said that every perfect gift
Cometh from above
So we must tell the world the father sent us
Jesus and his love

There's always a lesson learned
If I listen and obey
And as I walk with him I find
He tells me what to say

Oh, give thanks, oh, give praise
Oh, give thanks to the lord of lords
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