Livin' For The Bell

Greg X Volz

Blue collar men mill around the dock
Their work is forgotten as they watch the clock
Just a few more minutes and they're thru for the day
In their minds they're already drivin' away
The manager says you oughta be there some night
If you don't think the dead can come back to life

Livin' for the bell - like a fighter that fell
When ya leave it's just as well
Coz your heart's not in it when you're livin' for the bell

The students all hang on the edge of their chairs
Nervous anticipation fairly clouds the air
The teachers know better than to try to teach them
Coz those final moments don't belong to them
They stay at their desks to escape the stampede
Coz there ain't no fury like the recently freed

The meetin' is cookin' - the preacher is hot
Collection's been taken - sinner's on the spot
They sing about Jesus is coming again
An' they can't wait till they fly away with him
There's a lot to get done 'fore the end of the show
But it's hard to get to it when you just wanna go, just wanna go
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