I'm Yours

Greg X Volz

Like clouds on the mountains
You hover over me
And spread your great wings
Like the wind on the sea
Because you desire me
My spirit is free
And all I can say is, "I'm yours"

You speak to me softly
From deep and inside
Your words lift and keep me
Where I can reside
You show me your wisdom
Whenever I'm tried
And all I can say is, "I'm yours"

Hold me, take me far, far away
From all that's not part
Of your excellent way
We're living
Like an act in a play
We spend so much time
On irrelevant things
Forgetting your counsels
Are better than kings

Your love is like sunshine
Your presence like gold
Your word like a pearl
That could never be sold
The warmth of your arms
Will never grow cold
And all I can say is, "I'm yours"

Sometimes in the darkness
Sometimes in the night
I lay here before you
Too weary to fight
Then all my great fears
Fall apart in your light
The dragons you slay
And the roadways you lay
And all I can say is, "I'm yours"
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