On Bended Knees

Greg X Volz

When I first met the savior
I was blind to all my sin
Letting part of it go had kept me satisfied
But I didn't think a christian
Could wind up in this place
Now I'm sure I'm one of those

For whom you died
Wash away all that remains
Once and for all remove the stains
Of the sins that had been steeped
Below the surface of my veins

What a wondrous thing you do, lord
When I fall on my knees
How the mercy follows through, lord
When I fall on my knees
Till there's nothing left but you, lord
When I fall on my knees
I will please your heart on bended knees
On bended knees

Though the world can have its heyday
Pointing fingers at your kids
Let us not return the evil that they pay
For you have chosen people
Who are flawed in many ways
Who will demonstrate your love in action

Not in words they say
Wipe away all of our tears
Once and for all remove the fears
Of the children you have raised
In the midst of mocking peers

I come to you on bended knees
To humbly seek your face
Repenting now, I long to bear
The fruit of righteousness
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