Let The Mountains Fall

Greg X Volz

How does it happen
Why do I leave these worries in the way
I knew better a long, long time ago
It seems like things are waiting
For a time when we're not looking
When we least suspect
They choose that moment to fall
Gotta keep these cares from exploding
The gentle peace of our love

So let the mountains fall
Let the storm blow me away
Let the fortunes call
When I can't answer
Let the mountains fall
And if they fall on me
They'll never cover up the way
That I feel about you, feel about you

You know I chose to love you
It's not a thing that just happens
Cause I finally learned that
Love is worth the pain
But there's a place of hurting
A place that we don't want to live
But one thing is for certain
We're learning how to forgive
Nothing else can cure the loneliness
That hides so deep in our hearts
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