If You Come To Me

Greg X Volz

I see that worried look upon your face
I see confusion dance across your mind
Leavin' me was just about the hardest thing
Until I heard you're coming home again

And lady I want you
But baby I'm afraid to

Have you come home again
Even if you're really done with him
True feelin's that could never end
I couldn't take it again

But if you come to me
Even if it's in a fantasy
At least I'll have the memory
Of the love you gave to me

Maybe once there seemed to be a better way
And maybe once we both shared better days
I'll never be all things to everyone
But I'll be there when your day is done

You may have said that you were unhappy
But I swear you never told me
Without a chance you went out to dance
And the song you sang was to him
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