Soldier Of Light

Greg X Volz

He was a soldier of light and love
Took his orders direct from above
He never worried, doubted or feared
Just mounted up and rode out of here
Headed for a realm to get some supplies
Loading up for a big surprise
The soldiers of light and love
Coming down back from above

He took a look down from the sky
He had a twitch and the edge of his eye
He had a hold on the main on his steed
Pushing hard, riding fast, yes indeed
Working on time, moving on down the line
The soldier of light and love
Had a righteous mark on his glove

Well, he knew just where to go
Didn't wait on a sign below
He had his fingers wrapped on a map
And some numbers painted on his hand
Ran along at the speed of sound
You could hear him as he came around
The soldier of light and love
Getting ready for the wings of a dove

The soldier of light and love
Throwing out the pages as we went by
If you listen you can hear him cry
Coming on the clouds of a storm
Make up your mind, take heed, you've been warned
Guess i was good for a little smile
But he was frowning at me all the while
The soldier of light and love
Brought a message from above
I know
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