Joyous Grave

Greg X Volz

They said it would be cold here
Said i wouldn't find a light
Said that all my plans are over
No reason left to fight
It should be full of death here
Darkness swallowing my dreams
But now i know that treasure
Isn't always where it seems
And the door that shut above me
Is gonna open to the day

Soon you're gonna wake me from this joyous grave
Call me out and take me from this joyous grave

The only thing i've lost here
Is my fear of passin' time
What i sowed in tears i'll reap with joy
In fact, it's already arrived
There's nothin' greater than a promise
When it's real in your soul
You're true - i see it clearly now
There's no way you'd let me go
It's easy to be patient
When you know the end is sure

Though it's dark all around me
I believe when i pray
That the door that's shut above me
Is gonna open to the day
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