Hold On To The Fire

Greg X Volz

You look around - see your pleasant days disappearing
Feel like a paper hat in the path of a howling storm
Things can turn so cold and the wind seems to never lose its breath
Till the light inside is all that's left to keep you warm
When ya see all you've worked for blowin' away
And ya look at your accusers and have nothin' to say

Hold on to the fire - to the truth that lights your desire
Let it burn, burn, burn deep in your soul
Hold on to the fire - as the flames climb hotter and higher
Let the work that has begun be done in you

Well, you can get sidetracked tryin' to search down these little alleys
And ya usually find that there ain't much there at all
An' i know how it feels to be stuck down in the valleys
But sometimes you're held down so you won't die when you fall
Coz the light's burnin' brighter - brighter than the day
When all of the shadows are out of the way

What have you got that they can't take away?
You can choose what you'll do in the face of dismay
When ya just wanna run to your shelter and hide
And it feels like someone's fightin' a world war inside
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