You Still Got The Time

Greg X Volz

Look what she's done
Look at the way she's cryin'
Look at the song that she once sung

Look where she's been
Look at the way she's actin'
Now, how do you think it's gonna end?

But you still have the time
To change your mind

Oh, come to the other side
I want you back on the other side
I need you right back by my side
You still got the time

A slip in the night
She tiptoes out to see him
A soft melody, turn out the lights

But day after day
If he comes back to you
His empty heart forgets your name

You said you had to go through changes
Well, I felt the same things you did
I was worried, I was afraid

But I had to learn to take it
And now you got to learn to face it
In many ways we are the same
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