Set Up (To Take A Fall)

Greg X Volz

You've been holding yourself hostage
For something you cannot atone
Though you know that everyone has failed
You still feel all alone
You run for cover every time
Anybody starts to speak
They told you you were fireproof

But your armor sprang a leak
I don't deny you made a mess of things
But there's trouble everywhere
It's the ancient law that bound your fate
You were blinded by the glare

You were set up - set up to take a fall
Didn't see that you bought it all
Someone found your fatal flaw
You were set up to take a fall

Now if you pull that trigger
Or wolf down all those pills
You'll find that what you didn't know
Doesn't only hurt, it kills
But you're still alive, you can still learn
It's never too late for your soul
They cast you in a losing shape

But you still can break that mold
Like a thousand tons of stone on you
About to wipe you out
But if you'll fall upon that rock
You'll find what freedom's all about

You were entranced
Romanced, never had a chance
They came in on your blind side
Been hearing the same old lies
Since the day that you were born

But you can get smart, new start
Regenerate your heart
With the power that has made you
And you won't fall in the same trap
Now that you've been warned

You were set up - set up to take a fall
Someone trying to make you crawl
Oh, your chances seem so small
You were set up - you were set up to take a fall
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