I Believe In You

Greg X Volz

Wakin' up with you is like a dream come true
Layin' next to you is all it takes
Spendin' time with you just seems so easy to do
Watchin' stars until the break of day

And laughin' with you is sweet music to me
Hearin' you sing is like a symphony

Cause I believe in you
Lady, I'll stand by you
Whatever you do
I'll always, I'll always love you

Yes, I believe in you
And I'll stand by you
Whatever you do
I wanna be with, I wanna be with you

Holdin' on to you seems like the right thing to do
Runnin' fingers through your hair at night
Feelin' love for you is like a sweet perfume
A fragrance as mild as moonlight

You mean so much when you're so close
Just your touch
And I, I could never be
I wouldn't be the same without you
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